Tips to save on shipping

Tips to save on shipping

Use smart packaging methods. The first step you need to do to save on shipping is to figure out exactly how much of a package you need. The post office offers fixed boxes and envelopes that send everything as long as it fits into the container. If thats not an option for you they also have free boxes that you can use for priority and express mail so you do not have to buy your own packaging. Take advantage of these free items that each little piece adds when you want to save on shipping. Another good habit to come in is to save packages you get if they are in good shape to reduce the cost of freight containers.

Pack and measure your package correctly. The most important thing when packing an item is to make sure it is safe so it does not mess around. The people who charge these packages do not necessarily have to throw them around carelessly but they are jostled knocked over and pushed so make sure your item is properly protected with some kind of packaging article. One way to save on shipping is not to use the magazine for packaging because it places unnecessary weight in the package that you have to pay for. The best thing you can use is to pack peanuts or an air-based material like bubbles or big pack bubbles. Be sure to measure your package if you plan to check prices and delivery online because the size of a package may affect the price.

Research special shipping options. There are many different speeds that you can send a package from next day air to media mail that can take up to 14 days. So figure out exactly when your package has to arrive and choose the cheapest method instead of waiting until the day before it has to arrive and pay for the next day air that becomes extremely expensive even with lighter packages. If you send something like a book that is not in rush then choose a media item which is usually the cheapest option but may take a while to arrive. This is an important step in planning to save on shipping.

Look at limited items when you ship internationally. There is nothing worse than paying to send a package and get it back due to limited items and then having to pay shipping once more. If you plan to ship internationally make sure you go to the current website and find the limited article page to save on shipping. Most post offices should also have a general list of items that can not be sent both nationally and internationally but if you are unsure you should do some research so that you do not pay for that package twice.

Select special packages correctly. If you have something fragile make sure you turn it on or you can pay to send a second. This is a tip to save on shipping that many people overlook. The shipping company does not know what you have in that package so please notice it. This goes hand in hand with tip # 2 because the more protected an object the less chance it is to break too. Write either flawlessly on the packaging or let the clerk place a sticker on it but make sure all pages have been marked. Also make sure you select which page is up if it is crucial for the object that is undamaged.

Compare shipping prices. A very important step to save on shipping is to ensure you get the best price possible. Different shipping companies have different prices depending on where they go and how heavy it is so be sure to compare prices to all major competitors UPS USPS FedEx and DHL.

Print your own labels to save on shipping. In the past one had to either subscribe to online services or purchase special software to print their own labels at home but it is now becoming the norm and encouraged with incentives. USPS has been known to offer free delivery confirmation offer discounts on certain package sizes and more if you choose to print online. The best thing about printing your labels online is however that its completely free and you do not have to wait a long time at the post office. If you combine this with a download time you only save on shipping in the gas prices alone.

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